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Adoption Trauma is very real. Had it been recognised as a thing when I was young, maybe some of my issues would have been acknowledged and worked with instead of me being labelled the naughty child. 


None of us adoptees can change what happened to us but we can take steps towards healing and wholeness. 


Do you want to take a step towards confidence, acceptance and well-being? This book is an inward look at my own Adoption Trauma, with some helpful insights on how I have overcome some of my issues like anger, fear and rejection. 

Come and walk with me through my journey. There is always hope.

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This Is Me - No Darkness Too Deep

An Autobiography

This is my story, a harrowing account of me as a young mixed up teenager going down many wrong paths, into the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction, prostitutution and surviving more than one life-or-death moment in the midst of the madness.  The book also details my encounter with Christ and the journey of a baby Christian trying to find their feet in a church where not many had come from my background. 

One of the main factors I believe led me to head off down the paths I did is that I am adopted. I struggled greatly with the concept as a child, not really feeling like I fitted in anywhere, always looking for something to meet the need for connection in my life. 

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This Is Me - I'm Adopted

An Autobiography

This is my journey through adoption. Being looked after by grandparents then given to an Aunt who couldn't keep me then off to an orphanage to wait on my forever family... I was adopted into a very loving family and grew up with an older brother and younger sister who belonged biologically to my parents. I struggled enormously to fit in and never thought I did. 

This book looks at the rejection, abandonment issues and lack of connection issues that I had. The book goes on to show how my connection to Christ helped me to overcome many of the issues I faced. This book also details my 33 years of infertility and yearning for children. It finishes beautifully with the arrival of Georgie when I was 50 years of age. An amazing testimony of what God can do against all the odds. 

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